Pattern Union Phoebe Flares (Pattern Test)

Having previously tested the Molly Tee (which is already a TNT for me!), I was excited to test the Phoebe Flares also from Pattern Union.

Author standing outside wearing full trousers, black top and light grey jacket.

This time I went slightly away from the pattern and made pleats on the sides of the pants instead of gathers.

Side view of the pants with a sepia filter showing the insert panel which has been pleated rather than gathered.

While I didn’t get the sewing around the corners quite right, these are still a pretty great result. They are comfortable yet super stylish.

I just divided the panel by the required width to insert into the pants to form the pleats, pinned, pressed and basted in place before sewing in the panel.

They were a pretty easy adjustment but change the look to be slightly sleeker for work. I am always a bit rubbish at getting gathers even too!

Front view of pants being caught by the wind and billowing around.

All the deets:

Pattern: Pattern Union Phoebe Flares

Size: 20


  • 2″ length (but then hemmed to where I wanted them to sit)
  • Changed the insert gathers to pleats

Fabric used: Grey/blue crepe (I think from remnant warehouse?)

Like it?  Wearing it?  Yes and No (I have been on holiday so haven’t worn them yet).

Notes for next time: 

  • More care in sewing around the corners of the insert
  • Really nice cropped versions from the other testers
  • Pleats were an easy change which add swish at the hem without as much volume higher up
  • Waist elastic always needs to be tighter than you first think!

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  1. OMG. I’m in love with these!!! I would have switched to pleats too…for sure…and likely just split it up the sides and made it a panel… I mean… I’ll avoid a Y-seam or a miter if I can cuz lazy. lol. You look amazing. I’d totally want to work with you. You look sharp! Oh, wait, I do work with you… but I don’t get to see your killer style every day. <3

    1. I think making it a whole panel up the side would really change the look on these – would be interesting to see how much more full they would be! I haven’t seen the side panel like this before, so I wanted to preserve it, I just wish I had gone more carefully!

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