A new location and sewing goals for 2019!

Welcome to my new site!

When I first started to blog I experimented with a totally private site no-one else could see (!). I really just wanted an easy catalogue of makes and adjustments for my own reference.

I want this site to be a more useful record of sewing and alterations for me to refer back to. I quickly forget which alterations I make to a pattern or what I think would work better next time. That means I risk making the same mistakes. I plan to move some content across from the other site where it meets that goal, and the old blog will also remain in place for the time being.

To kick off – I wanted to revisit my sewing goals for 2019 and see how I am going against them

  1. Keep not buying RTW.  I joined in with the 2018 RTW Fast from Goodbye Valentino and found it surprisingly and gratifyingly easy. I want to keep it going and maybe even extend it to other items, such as underwear. VERDICT: on track with this one!
  2. Continue chasing more TNT patterns – I used the Sewcialists TNT month as inspiration and have bought the most popular patterns to see if I like them too!  It worked with the Linden so hopefully the others will be just as good. VERDICT: I haven’t made any TNTs this year yet, but have made some new patterns I think I might make again. So sort of on track…
  3. Make underwear / swimwear.  I have patterns and kits – what’s holding me back? VERDICT: I made a start but haven’t pushed on with this.
  4. Blog a couple of times a month.  I will use a format / template of just all the pattern and make details plus pictures, rather than words (if that make sense!). VERDICT: Hahahahaha. No.
  5. Again, sew more thoughtfully.  I am compiling a Make Nine, not as a way of joining in with a challenge, but as a way of ensuring I think about sewing things I will wear and that I need in my wardrobe. VERDICT: I had better check in with my MakeNine soon and see!

I will leave you with my favourite makes from 2018. As we head into winter I suspect I might make another version of some of these.

A collage of three pictures - one showing the author in a grey wool coat, one wearing a black wrap top with mesh dot sleeves and the other an image of the custom stitching on the back jeans pocket.

Best shut up and go sew now.