Make Nine 2019

I tried to find where I posted this in January, and it turns out – I didn’t!

I decided to join in with the Make Nine challenge this year as a way to focus. Some of these things have been on “the list” to sew for several years, yet I never seem to quite get on and make them!

This is my 2019 Make Nine:

Collage of the patterns discussed further in the post.


  1. Friday Pattern Company Adrienne Blouse. This has been everywhere recently and while it’s a newish pattern, I love it. Simple but with a twist in the large, drapey sleeves.
  2. Simple Sew Cocoon Dress. I love the shape and colour of this dress. I saw a woman on the bus the other day wearing a soft grey seersucker dress that was very similar and it looked amazing.
  3. Bras / Swimwear. The two photos shown are the Watson Bra from Cloth Habit and the Sophie Swimsuit from Closet Case Patterns. I have several patterns for swimwear / underwear and also some lovely kits. I need to get brave and dive in!
  4. Copy cat dress. I loved the simplicity of the Louis Antoinette Jade Dress when I saw it, but it doesn’t come in my size (#MakeMySize dammit!). Some Sewicialists readers suggested I should use the Cashmerette Webster as a base for the dress – which is a great idea, especially because I already have that pattern!
  5. True Bias Hudson Pants. This is a continuation of my quest to find more TNT patterns. I decided to buy and sew some of the most popular patterns from the Sewicalist TNT month to help me.
  6. Mimi G Saldana Tee. Seems to be a great cross between a tee and a top. I need more basics that aren’t boring. I love the style lines and the v-neck on this one.
  7. Make my subscriptions. I have had a Seamwork subscription since it was launched and yet haven’t made many items. Where I have made them, I have liked the drafting and the fit, so I should make more! Similarly, I had a Burda subscription for a year and currently have an Ottobre subscription. I need to actually use them…
  8. True Bias Ogden Cami. See #5. Super popular – so another TNT quest.
  9. Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trousers. I neeeed work pants so badly, and these are cut very similarly to a pair that just died in the wash accidentally.

So that’s the Make Nine. I will post an update on progress soon!

For now, I had better shut up and go sew.