Sew DIY Lou Box Dress v2 (Tester version)

Beth from Sew DIY is working through her back catalogue to expand her size range (0 – 32 is the new size range, which is totally fantastic!). I have been putting my hand up to test a lot of the revisions for three reasons:

  1. The style of the patterns suits what I like – it’s more than basics, but in no way fussy.
  2. It’s fantastic to see designers expanding their range AND she drafts for tall people! Hurray!
  3. It’s the only way I seem to actually finish projects (see here).

This is the Lou Box Dress 2:

Author wearing a leaf print dress standing in front of a wall and fence, she is looking away from the camera and has her hand on her hip. There are plants in the background.

It’s made from a fantastic crepe rayon monstera print from IndieSew. It was a pretty easy sew and it’s great to throw on for work. I haven’t sewn many dresses I end up wearing (see here) but this is a hit!

A few more pictures:

All the deets:

Pattern: Sew DIY Lou Box Dress 2

Size: 20 or 22 (can’t remember!)


  • I think I still added some length, but not much. With “square” skirts I usually make them too long and then hem to wherever looks right.

Fabric used: Crepe rayon

Like it?  Wearing it?  Yes and Yes

Notes for next time: 

  • Quick to make, easy to wear