I don’t usually do this as 5 separate posts and have been contributing to the Sewcialists Editor posts already. I thought I would still do a single post to capture hits, misses and goals…


Yes, there are more than 5…

I am really happy with how much I have sewn things this year that I wear and like. It feels like I am much better at picking what will get worn and go with other things in my wardrobe.


There are only a few misses, and two of these are maybe-misses still for me. In both those cases, the issue isn’t the pattern, just whether I wear them.

I actually love the Phoebe Flares, but just haven’t worn them. It’s been hot here recently, so I am leaving these for the turn of the season to find out if I reach for them then. Similarly, I liked the Taos top when I made it, but the neckline isn’t very flattering – I might cut it into a v-neck and if I made it again I would try the larger cowl-type neck and probably also the split hem.

In the case of the Kabuki Tee, I love the pattern, but the drafting on the larger sizes gives a different result (proportionally more width in the body) than for the smaller sizes. This was apparently deliberate, but means in my case I lost the cool set in sleeve effect. I am faffing about with it to fix it, we will see if it’s worth it…


My 2019 goals were:

  1. Keep not buying RTW.  VERDICT: Success! I have bought some things, but way less than I would have. I turn first to sewing 🙂
  2. Continue chasing more TNT patterns – VERDICT:  Sort of! I have a new one in the Pattern Union Molly Tee but no others
  3. Make underwear / swimwear.  VERDICT: NOPE – not even close.
  4. Blog a couple of times a month.  VERDICT: Hahahahaha. No.
  5. Again, sew more thoughtfully.  VERDICT: Success! My hits illustrate this well I think!

For 2020, I am thinking the following:

Three repeat goals, because they are important! For the TNT patterns I particularly want to find a t-shirt TNT and one for work pants also.

The final goal is because I really need to nail some fit issues. I want to make my own blocks, but keep putting it off (no garment reward at the end!). My friend Gabby keeps pointing out the benefits every time I bring her a fit issue, and I know it will make all the sewing from then on easier!