Megan Nielsen Rowan Tee (Curve)

My pursuit of the perfect v-neck tee continues! The #SewcialistsTNTee challenge gave me the push to try another pattern.

This is the Rowan Tee from Megan Nielsen. I used a cotton jersey in navy and white stripes from Maai Design.

A picture of the author standing in a backyard wearing denim shorts and a blue v-neck tee shirt with short sleeves and irregular white stripes.  Her head is cut off out of the picture.

This tee has negative ease around the bust, with only a small amount around the waist and hips. It’s definitely closer fitting than the other t-shirt patterns I have tried recently. This pattern has many variations (of sleeves and necklines) but the main variation is t-shirt versus bodysuit. I suspect this influences the ease, as bodysuits definitely need to be close fitting.

Having said that, I don’t mind the fit. It’s maybe a little more like a top than a tee shirt, but it’s comfortable and probably translates to work or night time better than most of the others I have made.

Good to see Megan Nielsen Curve range continually expanding and including back patterns and several favourite of the community. She is also Australian, so happy supporting a local designer!

All the deets:

Pattern: Megan Nielsen Rowan Tee Curve (View B with View A sleeves)

Size: A grade between 22, 24 and 18. I fell in between sizes on every measurements, but opted to size up because there is already negative ease and I wanted a bit more of a relaxed fit


  • Added 1.5″ length to the body
  • Took some length back out of the body in hemming (by eye)

Fabric used: Cotton Jersey (Navy and White Stripes) bought from Maai Design.

Like it?  Wearing it?  Yes and yes

Notes for next time:  

  • Quick and easy to sew
  • Definitely good to make again – could size up in waist and hips if I want a looser / more casual fit.