Closet Core Patterns Sienna Makers Jacket

Living in Sydney but not growing up here means that I am often out of step (mentally) with the weather. Having lived in less warm places for all except the last six years, I am forever asking whether I might need a jacket or cardigan “just in case”.

In a place where it often doesn’t go below 20 degrees (that’s about 70 for Fahrenheit people) for months at a time, even overnight, I am often laughed at for this tendency!

Behold, the Closet Core Patterns Sienna Makers Jacket:

The author standing in a back yard in denim shorts and a cream coloured jacket.  The jacket is done up and she has her hands in her pockets.  She looks smug.
Look how smug I am to have a jacket if it gets “a bit breezy”

I made this in a stone coloured heavy cotton from Tessuti fabrics in Sydney. I added 2″ to the length as I find CCP patterns usually very short in the torso (this was no exception).

A close up of the author in the cream jacket, she is half turned away from the camera, showing the back vent and pocket buttons.

This is view C, which is the shorter one without the cool asymmetrical belt closure thingo. Instead, it has uber cool sleeves with pockets in, and a button vent at the back. I was drawn to this one after seeing Monserratt looking fabulous modelling for the pattern!

The author sitting on a wooden bench in the backyard wearing denim shorts, a rainbow top and the cream jacket.  The jacket is unbuttoned and she is looking away from the camera.

I definitely like this style – pretty basic but with a couple of details that make it seem not boring. I like the fabric and colour too – it will go with everything!

All the deets:

Pattern: Closet Core Patterns Sienna Makers Jacket (View C)

Size: A straight 20 (it’s boxy, so no need for much alteration)


  • Added 2″ length to the body
  • No other alterations

Fabric used: Cotton drill in bone colour from Tessuti fabrics.

Like it?  Wearing it?  Yes and not really (but as soon as it’s a bit breezy it will be on!)

Notes for next time:  

  • Straightforward sew
  • Definitely good to make again – might try the other views?